Re: Gnopernicus, brltty and debian

On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 19:15 -0700, Tom Masterson wrote:

Hi Tom,

Please check if braille is on in gnopernicus and brltty device is


> I am using the unstable version of Debian and kernel version 2.6, brltty 
> 3.7.2-3.1 and gnopernicus 1.0.5-1.
> I am getting no response from the braille display when I type startx other 
> than "screen in not in text mode".  The braille display is an Alva abt34d 
> which works fine with brltty at the console.  Any ideas of what might be 
> wrong and how to solve it?  I followed the instructions on the brltty site 
> for setting up gnome.
> Tom Masterson
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