Re: setting up dectalk

Hi, Michael.
After extracting the Dectalk runtime files cd to the Dectalk directory and do a
which will ask you for your product ID. Also you need to edit the *.sh files to make sure everything is going to /usr in Ubuntu. As for making Orca recognize Dectalk go to the Gnome ftp site and download the source for gnome-speech, and compile it. As for the UK Dectalk as you have baughten the US version that is the only Dectalk you will get. For multilingual Dectalk you need to buy the Multilingual version. Fonix can help you find out which version you would need for UK English.

When I have uncompressed the Linux Runtime file for the software Dectalk, what do I need to do after that or is there a text file or something giving directions as to how to build it so it is recognised by my Linux distro? Also does the US Dectalk Software Synthesiser come with both US and UK English by default or do you have to somehow have to download a separate module?

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