Re: setting up dectalk

Hi Michael:

In the DECtalk directory that was created when you uncompressed it, you
will find these two files:

My advice is to modify to modify the first line (and only
the first line) to say:


Then, run ./  You may need to do a "chmod +x" for
this to work.  If DECtalk doesn't speak, then it's most likely a sound
card configuration problem and you might try turning off ESD from the
Sound preferences dialog.


On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 10:42 +0100, MICHAEL WEAVER wrote:
> When I have uncompressed the Linux Runtime file for the software 
> Dectalk, what do I need to do after that or is there a text file or 
> something giving directions as to how to build it so it is recognised by 
> my Linux distro?
> Also does the US Dectalk Software Synthesiser come with both US and UK 
> English by default or do you have to somehow have to download a separate 
> module?
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