Re: Orca on Ubuntu

Based on reports that Gnopernicus doesn't work either, it appears as
though this may be a general platform accessibility problem.  

I've just finished building GARNOME 2.15.90 and I'm trying to figure out
how to use it for my desktop on Ubuntu so I can do general a11y testing
across the board for GNOME 2.15/2.16.  

Anybody with any experience with GARNOME on Ubuntu have any tips?


On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 04:01 -0700, ZB wrote:
> Hi Jason and Al,
> Have either of you tried using Linux Screen Reader on
> Ubuntu? Does it run into the same problems as Orca?
> This would be useful to know so the problem can be
> tracked to platform accessibility or to Orca.
> There are Ubuntu debs and instructions for installing
> available on the Linux SR homepage.
> Zeke
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