Re: Orca on Ubuntu

On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 04:01:42AM -0700, ZB wrote:
> Hi Jason and Al,
> Have either of you tried using Linux Screen Reader on
> Ubuntu? Does it run into the same problems as Orca?
I haven't tried Ubuntu yet, but intend to do so when I upgrade my desktop
computer or hard drive (probably both at once).

Ubuntu uses different Gnome packages from Debian, and has been more thoroughly
tested with Orca and Gnopernicus.

Console-based access solutions (Emacspeak, Speakup, Yasr, BRLTTY, etc.) of
course work reliably regardless of Linux distribution, and I don't need any
Gnome applications at the moment - this is more to help with the testing
process. Access to Mozilla would be desirable and I would like to help with
the testing of the upcoming improvements in that area.

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