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Hi Olivier:

Does test-speech work?  It should bring up a list of gnome-speech
drivers, including the FreeTTS driver.

If FreeTTS doesn't show up, try running freetts-synthesis-driver in
a terminal window.  My suspicion is this shell script might not be
finding the path to the java executable.


On Sep 28, 2005, at 10:52 AM, Olivier BERT wrote:

On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 01:19:42AM +0200, Olivier BERT wrote:

Hi all,

I'm sorry for my questions of newbie to the gnome-accessibility world.
As I do not understant why it is impossible to select festival in my
gnopernicus, I decided to work with fretts.
First, I installed a Sun jdk 1.5.0_03, I set the CLASSPATH and PATH
environnement variables correctly.
Then also downloaded the java access bridge 1.4.5 I think.
It compiled and installed correctly.
Then I downloaded the last release of freetts (1.2.1).
The problem is when I try to build gnome-specch. The configure script
runs correctly (with --with-jab-dir --with-freetts-dir --with-java- home are set correctly). At the end of configure, the current configuration
seems ok. Then I do "make" and I get many erros : org.GNOME.Bonobo :
package not found.

Can anyone help me ?

Actually, it was a --prefix problem. I think there is something strange in autoconf scripts because the usual /usr/local prefix was not added to
the path of gnome-java-bridge. So I added --prefix=/usr/local and it
compiled properly.

New problem : when I run gnopernicus, I get : speech initialisation
failed. (with no additional information).

How can I make my gnopernicus speak ?
The test program of freetts (FREETTSHellowWorld.jar) is working

Olivier BERT
e-mail: obert01 mistigri org
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