Re: ubuntu torrent?

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 12:14:23PM EST, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> I downloaded the custom-hoary-live-i386.torrent from
> and have tried
> ubuntu (the directory where I have the torrent file) 
> several times. while a file for the .iso is created, it appears to be 
> empty and nothing appears to be downloading; all the indicators stay at 0. 
> am I missing a step or is this no longer a functioning site or what is the 
> problem?

Hi Cheryl
the tracker is currently inactive, as I am just testing a nother release 
which should be up within the hour. Please look out for announcements. I 
took it down originally because there seemed to be nore more interest.

I have actually got more upstream bandwidth now so things should be much 

Sorry for the inconvenience but bear with me and try the next release.

Please note at this stage, assistance will be needed to get through the 
first few screens where one selects language and keyboard. Speakup 
support is coming, but I want to include software speech support which 
is holding things up a bit.


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