Update to USPS Section 508 Guidelines

Based on a request from other web accessibility lists, I am posting an
information link. Please excuse me if this is inappropriate, as I
haven't seen any list FAQ that indicates it is unwanted, and I believe
it is relevant to the list's purpose. Although it has been available
since October 2004 and tailored to our corporate environment, I'm
posting as-is:

	The Section 508 Program at USPS is pleased to announce the
completion and publishing of our Section 508 guidelines:

    The AS-508 Section 508 Handbook explains the requirements of Section
508 of the Rehabilitation Act and sets forth, in broad outline, the
Postal Service's policies on how to comply with them. All functional
organizations can use the information in this handbook to understand,
achieve, and maintain Section 508 compliance:

    AS-508, Section 508 Handbook in HTML: 

    AS-508, Section 508 Handbook in PDF Format:


    The AS-508-A Section Technical Reference Guide is a technical
reference guide in support of Handbook AS-508. It breaks out the details
of each of the sections of that handbook and how they are tied to the

    AS-508-A, Section 508 Technical Reference Guide in HTML:
    AS-508-A, Section 508 Technical Reference Guide in PDF Format:

Please feel free to review these guidelines and circulate them as widely
as possible. Comments or questions can be directed to
section508 usps gov  We welcome constructive criticism and suggested

Readers for the PDF Format can be obtained from Adobe's download page
(http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/alternate.html#reader602full) or
*nix users may prefer to obtain the XPDF viewer for Solaris, Linux and
Win32 (http://www.foolabs.com/xpdf/download.html).


	Norman B. Robinson
	Section 508 Coordinator 
	IT Governance, US Postal Service
	475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
	Washington, DC 20260-1533

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