Re: running Gnome apps on an ssh session

Hi Kenny:

Accessibility for remote GNOME apps is still on the roadmap. Because the accessibility framework uses CORBA, it works in theory, but in practice, the bonobo-activation mechanism which GNOME uses to register with the at-spi registry is tied to localhost. So the missing link is a remote bonobo-activation; once you have that, the rest should fall into place.

So it's a known issue that this doesn't work yet, but making it work, though it will require some new code, should not be a big effort.

Here are some technical details:

1) applications load an accessibility bridge at startup, and register with the accessibility registry (at-spi-registryd) via bonobo-activation. Due to current limitations in bonobo-activation, this registry is per-user-host, not per-display.

2) the 'application instance' which is reported to the registry is network-transparent, i.e. it could be local or remote. Once the registry, or an assistive technology, receives a reference to a remote application, it can communicate with it just as though it were local (though possibly more slowly).

- Bill

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