Proposed response to gnopernicus/DecTalk problem

Here's my take on what we've learned so far, and my current suggestions.

I think that in the absence of a reliable means of autosensing both braille and non-braille devices on the serial ports, we should take Kenny's advice, and have gnopernicus make no assumptions about serial connections. (The current defaults don't seem to be useful, and as we've seen, can be harmful).

This would mean that Gnopernicus' default braille settings would specify neither serial port nor braille driver (unless, possibly, we used the BrlTTY driver as our default). When gnopernicus detects that braille support has been enabled, by whatever means, and no serial port has been explicitly specified, it should post a dialog notifying the user, and allowing the user to either select serial port for the braille device or turn braille
support off again.

A similar change could be backported to the currently-UI-frozen branches of gnopernicus, without the notification dialog, by posting the Braille configuration UI whenever braille is turned on without explicitly configured port settings.

In the future the braille configuration dialog could probe the serial ports (if and when a safe method of probing become available technically) and report its result in the dialog (i.e. "device 'Vario 80' detected on port 1" ).

The theoretical issue of USB port renumbering for braille-and-speech users is one we will need to explore further - we don't know that this can happen with USB serial devices, but I have seen it happen with other USB devices such as switches, mice, and head trackers, so we should investigate further.



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