Re: Testing plan

David Bolter wrote:
We are happy to add authors to:
Perhaps you should consider opening it up as an actual wiki. I think that would encourage more people to contribute. I'm involved in running several Moin wikis and we really don't seem to have any problems with spam and such. You might open up most of it and leave a few pages with tighter control for more official stuff.
I'm not sure what is best in terms of coalescing all this related information. It seems that many distro's, companies, and some applications have their own location for documentation and bug reports, test suites, and forums. It can be detrimental IMO.
Yes, I agree. Though some of the information like test results are distro specific. I wouldn't feel comfortable about dumping all our Ubuntu-specific ramblings on the Lars wiki and all our bug reports in the Gnome bugzilla. That would probably just annoy those hosting the sites.
I'm not exactly sure what function the larswiki should serve and we are open to suggestion from the a11y community.
Is there any chance we could all set up shop in a common location, like, say? We could have,,, for the things that need to be separate and then the root location for common stuff. There would be advantages to working in the same physical wiki in that we would see the changes various people were making on a daily basis and could move common content around. We were planning to develop our own content a bit more in our own wiki, and then move the bulk of it on to a dedicated site like, but I am happy to recommend that we go with a common site instead.

It feels like esp. now with this push to introduce ODF in MA by 01.01.2007 that this is the time to band together and push things forward :) Thoughts? (I'm CCing the KDE list as well, which I'm not subscribed to ATM. Hope it gets through)

- Henrik

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