Re: Gnopernicus and ISO-Latin2 characters

Ah yes, Latin-1 versus Latin-2. Gnopernicus can only support Latin-1 at the moment, then, if I understand correctly.


Samuel Thibault wrote:

Bill Haneman, le Thu 25 Aug 2005 11:41:47 +0100, a écrit :
Your answer doesn't quite make sense. Only the first 127 characters are ASCII. Depending on the conversions you use, different Latin characters can be stored in the other 128 characters.

Yes, so read

« gnopernicus has utf-8 support for braille. The problem is that tables
contains entries for first 256 characters (the latin1 table) »

Brltty does only support 256 characters too, but since it doesn't
support unicode yet, these characters can be latin1/latin2/latin9/etc.,
brltty doesn't care, and it works.

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