Re: Gnopernicus and ISO-Latin2 characters

Thanks for clarifying Jan.

Maybe the BAUM folks can say a little more; there may be some support for Latin2 braille dot patterns in gnopernicus now, if you select the right braille table. I believe that the current implementation is limited to tables where each 8 bit character is represented by one braille cell, so I am not sure which non-ASCII characters can be implemented. Perhaps its just a matter of building the appropriate braille table for your mapping of 8-bit characters to Latin-2.



Jan Buchal wrote:

"BH" == Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman Sun COM> writes:

   BH> Hi Jan: Please be more specific about use of ISO-Latin2.

sorry, of course.

I mean braille support. Speech is fine now. I use brlapi.

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