Re: Gnopernicus speak when I press CTRL+ESCAPE only


This is just a thought about your problem.

Do you have Gnopernicus set to start minimized?  If so, I believe what
you are seeing is the fact that nothing will have focus after
Gnopernicus starts and minimizes itself.  If you press control-alt-tab,
(hold down the control and alt keys and press tab), does your
Gnopernicus speak?  This key combination should move focus from panels
to the desktop.  If you continue to hold down the control and alt keys
and press the tab key repeatedly, focus will cycle from your panels and
the desktop.  You should hear Gnopernicus tell you what object has focus
when you do this.  Just release the keys to make the object spoken
become the current focus.

Here is what happens when I start my Gnome session.  I have Gnopernicus
set to start automatically and to start minimized.  I will hear "Welcome
to Gnopernicus" and some messages about creating windows.  After that, I
don't hear anything else.  If I press alt-tab, I will switch to the
Gnopernicus window and the dialog can be read.  If I press
control-alt-tab instead, I will hear "desktop" and the cursor keys will
move around the icons on my desktop.  If I don't press either the
control-alt-tab or an alt-tab, I won't get any information spoken by

Is this the behavior you see?

Hope this helps.

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