Problems with gnopernicus and ubuntu

Hi all,

I'm new to this list and also new to the use of linux as a desktop system. I only use Debian GNU/Linux to run a server at the moment. But because I wanted to test the gnopernicus screenreader and I wanted to check out the new ubuntu distribution, I decided to install in a virtual machine with vmware.

Now everything is up and running, alsothe gnome environment. But, when I start the gnopernicus screenreader I get no output at all. I asked a sighted person to assist me and he comfirmed that the main window of gnopernicus was on the screen. All the speech parameters where correct and he checked the checkbox to start braille support. I compiled and installed the latest version of brltty from the official website because this version has usb support for my alva sattelite display, therefore I choose the brltty driver for gnopernicus. But, there is still no output at all. The festival synth is working, I tested it from the commandline by entering echo test | festival --tts.

Someone any solution? I will post some logs if needed.


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