Annouce: Latest Accessibility Build of Sun Mozilla 1.7 for JDS

Hi, all

The latest build of Sun Mozilla 1.7 for JDS has been uploaded to

"Sun Mozilla 1.7 for JDS" is based on Mozilla 1.7 of Community and will be integrated in Sun Java Desktop System. Accessibility feature of "Sun Mozilla 1.7 for JDS" is based on ATK and is running on Linux/Unix system. "Sun Mozilla 1.7 for JDS" has integrated a lot of Accessibility bug-fixing, most of which haven't been checked in trunk code of mozilla community at present. This build is for users who is interested in trying or testing Accessibility feature on GNOME 2 in advance. Currently, we provide build on Fedora3. If you need build on other platforms, you can get the source tall bar.

*README* file for detail build information and bug fixing list is also available under above link.

Thanks for reading.

Louie Zhao
Software Engineer, Browser Team
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Ext: x82817
Phone:  +86-10-8261-8200
Fax:    +86-10-6278-0969
email:  louie zhao sun com <mailto:louie zhao sun com>

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