Re: Gnopernicus keystrokes?

Hi, Igor.
Yes, Gnopernicus has good screen review. First, let me clear up your issue
on how the commands are setup.
Ok, as you already know there are multiple layers on the gnopernicus keypad.
Layer 0 is your commands for screen review, layer 3 has some additional
screen review, layer 5 emulates mouse clicks, layers 6 and 7 deal with the
magnifier, layer 8 deals with speech settings, and layer 9 works with
braille displays.
So for instance we are talking about some basic screen review. First, put
the keypad in layer zero by pressing the 0 key twice, and you should hear
layer 0. Now, you are ready to review the screen.
The 2 and 8 keys moves the mouse up and down on the screen while the 4 and 6
keys moves the mouse left and right by clip. The 3 key will read the status
bar, the 1 key the toolbar, and the 7 key will read the menu bar, and I
believe the 9 key reads the window title.
Here is the tricky part. The delete key will toggle the keypad between flat
review and standard review. Flat review is great for instances of reading
help screens, dialogs, and even emails in say balsa. Standard review works
everywhere else.
Also the minus key on the keypad will set the type of navigation for the
review such as desktop, application, window, etc.
Say you wanted to change the speech. It was to slow or the pitch was off.
You can easily press the 0 key and then press the 8 key and hear layer 8.
The 1, 2, and 3 keys control volume. The 4, 5, 6 keys control speech rate.
The 7, 8, 9 keys handles pitch.
One other note, if you turn the numlock key off you can use the 2, 4, 6, and
8 keys as standard arrow keys just like in Jaws most of your important
functions is right on the number keypad. Really cool?
Another, little note if you switch to layer 3 on the keypad the 3 key will
do a screen reader find. This command is great for finding a file name or
something that is hard to locate on the screen.
I use it alot in naudilus when browsing for a certain file. I know it is
there, but I don't want to arrow around to find the file so I will do a find
from the keypad and generally it drops me at the position I want.
Another helpful layer 3 command is the 4 key. This command will read an
entire window from top to bottom. Helpful with dialogs or help screens.

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> Hi all. Needless to say, I finally got Gnopernicus/Gnome working...Turned
out to be the hosts file that was messed up. Anyway, I was just
wondering...How would I go about reviewing the screen,
> or is such functionality not there yet? I checked the documentation,
however am rather confused by the keypad layers and how they relate to the
keystrokes...Like l08K10. Where would that be on
> the keypad? Also, would something like l00K05 mean layer 0, and then hit 5
on the keypad? I am just a bit confused in terms of how commands are
denoted. Thanks!
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