2.6.0 releases for at-spi, gnome-mag, and libgail-gnome

Hi All:

I am happy to announce the gnome-2.6.0 releases of at-spi, gnome-mag, and libgail-gnome.

What are they?

These three modules are support modules for assistive technology and accessibility support:

* AT-SPI is the primary service interface by which assistive technologies query and receive notifications from running applications. * gnome-mag provides a magnification service which is used by focus and mouse-tracking magnifier utilities such as that provided by gnopernicus (gnopernicus also uses speech and braille services). * libgail-gnome provides key accessibility support for out-of-process and embedded components such as bonobo viewers and panel applets.

What are the latest versions?
at-spi is now at version 1.4.0; the 1.4 series will be the GNOME 2.6 "stable" series of at-spi. libgail-gnome is unchanged from version 1.0.3 which was released with GNOME 2.6 beta.
gnome-mag is now at version 0.10.10.

Where can I get them?

best regards,
Bill Haneman and the GNOME Accessibility Project team.

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