Re: gnopernicus and applications; which one do you recommend?

Hi, Cris.
There is about a dozen applications that work fairly well with gnopernicus,
and i will list some of them below.

gedit text editor.
gnome calculator.
gnome dictionary.
naudilus file manager for browsing, copying, pasting, files, etc.
gnome-cd cd player.
gnome-volume volume control/mixer.
balsa email client.
gnome format utility.
lynx web browser in gnome-terminal.

If you have the java access bridge installed and properly configured you can
use the following applications with some success.

OpenOffice 1.1 or later from Do not, I repeat, do not use
the OpenOffice supplied with your distribution of Linux. It will not work!
Only the openOffice from seams to be accessible.
With OpenOffice the follow apps are somewhat useful:
Openwriter wordprocessor.
Opencalc spreadsheet. (I love this app.)

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> Hi folks,
> I have been trying to figure out a meaningful way of using gnome and
> gnopernicus.  All of what I was able to do so far is to tab around the
> desktop.  I have not managed to use any application successfully.  Even
> help screens, all of what I get when I hit enter on the icons, the next
> screen would only give me, next, previous, contents, etc. but no
> txt help to read.  Is there an application that is reasonably accessible
> with gnopernicus which I may start with in order to learn how to use this
> GUI program?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Cris
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