Re: Unable to get gnopernicus working with Cepstral.

Hi Remus

It seems that the problem has something to do with when speech is interrupted. All tests work except the interrupt test. The test-speech program freezes. This also occurs if you interrupt the speech early and try and choose a test option or parameter while the selections are being read out.

This happens in both gnome-speech 0.2.8 and 0.3.2.

Hope this is of some help.


At 08:44 PM 19/03/2004, remus draica wrote:


Check if gnome-speech is working properly on your computer. For that, you have
to go to gnome-speech/test directory then launch speech-test program and to
try some tests form there.


On Friday 19 March 2004 01:24, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Ok...
> I have rolled back to a previously built stable GNOME 2.4.2 with
> Gnopernicus 0.7.1, and the same thing happens. The perplexing thing is that
> it dies at different times. Sometimes as soon as I load gnopernicus, it
> barely says a word and then dies, sometimes I can execute a few keystrokes
> in the Gnopernicus/GNOME windows before it dies. Every time however, I
> always have to kill a running theta process even when Gnopernicus and GNOME
> are not running.
> I built GNOME with i686 optimizations. I am going to rebuild gnome-speech
> and Gnopernicus without these, just to see whether it makes a difference. I
> shouldn't think so, but stranger things have happened.
> More to follow as it happens...
> Luke
> At 10:03 AM 19/03/2004, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> >Hi again
> >I got it working. I had to set the THETA_HOME environmental variable to
> >where I installed Cepstral.
> >
> >The only thing is, after a minute or so, sometimes even less, Cepstral
> >dies, however after closing gnopernicus there is still a theta process
> >running and has to be killed manually.
> >
> >Forgot to mention earlier that I am running garnome 2.5.92, which is
> >supposed to be 2.6rc1, gnopernicus 0.8 and gnome-speech 0.3.2. I have
> >Cepstral Frank version 2.5.3
> >
> >Thanks
> >Luke
> >
> >At 09:01 AM 19/03/2004, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> >>Hi
> >>I compiled gnome-speech using the option to point ot my installation of
> >>Theta Frank. All builds ok, however when attempting to load Gnopernicus,
> >>nothing happens.
> >>
> >>Running it from a terminal states the following:
> >>Driver named "Theta GNOME Speech Driver" has no available voices.
> >>
> >>What do I have to do to work around this problem?
> >>
> >>Thanks
> >>Luke
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