Re: Presentation-related crash


Try to reinstall gnopernicus (make install).

The problem seems to be an incorrect value for a key stored in gconf. To solve 
this problem, run "gconftool-2 --shutdown" (to stop the gconf daemon and 
force it to write its cache), then delete 
"~/.gconf/apps/gnopernicus/presentation" directory. In this directory, in 
"%gconf.xml" file is the name of the current selected presentation. 


> (srcore:14352): gnopernicus-WARNING **: Failed set data.
> (srcore:14352): gnopernicus-WARNING **: Text contains invalid UTF-8
> I/O warning : failed to load external entity
> "/usr/local/stow/gnopernicus//share/gnopernicus/presentation/%CB%84%06%08%B
> gnopernicus-ERROR **: [Invalid UTF-8] File
> "/usr/local/stow/gnopernicus//share/gnopernicus/presentation/˄=8�xml"
> cannot be parsed.
> aborting...
> (gnopernicus:14341): gnopernicus-WARNING **: srcore exited.
> The directory exists, but only contains default.xml and
> verbose.xml.
> Thoughts?
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