Presentation-related crash

I managed to solve my earlier issues with gnome-speech; seems as if
Debian's default bonobo-activation configs don't point to anything in
/usr/local. Editing those solved my issues, and I'm now building
gnopernicus. Running it is another issue, though. It crashes, giving
me the following errors:

(srcore:14352): gnopernicus-WARNING **: Failed set data.

(srcore:14352): gnopernicus-WARNING **: Text contains invalid UTF-8
I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/stow/gnopernicus//share/gnopernicus/presentation/%CB%84%06%08%BD=%06%088%FB%FF%BF%D6%0B%05%08%01.xml"

gnopernicus-ERROR **: [Invalid UTF-8] File "/usr/local/stow/gnopernicus//share/gnopernicus/presentation/˄=8.xml" cannot be parsed.


(gnopernicus:14341): gnopernicus-WARNING **: srcore exited.

The directory exists, but only contains default.xml and


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