Re: viavoice

Hi Alex,

I have found a copy of viavoice floating around and I want to give it a try with gnopernicus. The only problem is there are about 15 files in the viavoice directory. which components do I need? and is there any docs somewhere on setting up gnome-speech with viavoice?

There are older, unsupported copies of ViaVoice available on the Internet for Linux - likely what you found. I forget which files need to be put where to make this work, but be warned even if you make it work, you will likely experience a lot of crashes when using it with Gnopernicus. There are a number of known bugs with that older, unsupported ViaVoice, and Gnopernicus seems to tickle them quite well.

There was an announcement recently that Wizzard Software will be distributing a supported ViaVoice (see I don't know what their individual pricing is; I don't beleive it has been announced yet. Another ocommercial ption to consider as well is DECTalk from Fonix (see, which also works with Gnopernicus. Finally, the commercial Cepstral Theta engine is supported by gnome-speech (go to One nice thing about Cepstral - you can purchase Solaris versions from their website.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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