Re: Configuring Gnopernicus to run with Dectalk software

Hi Steve,

I am a new user of Gnopernicus and have just purchased the Dectalk RT from
> Fonix. I want to change Gnopernicus' voice settings so I can use the
> Dectalk driver instead of Festival. I have restarted Linux and entered
> the voice settings dialog, but I don't see anything in Gnopernicus
> relating to Dectalk. Any help would be appreciated.

Once you have installed DECTalk (libraries go into /usr/lib), you must modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/lib, and then recompile/reinstall gnome-speech. gnome-speech only generates drivers for those TTS engines it can find at compile time.

Once you've done all that, verify that DECtalk is seen by gnome-speech by running `test-speech`. If all that works, you should see it just fine in Gnopernicus.

Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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