Re: Weirdnesses with latest Gnopernicus

On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 02:06:04PM +0300, remus draica wrote:
> When you change a parameter for speech, then something is spoken to let you to 
> know that your action took place. For other actions will see the effect (eg. 
> go to parent). It is designed to work this way.

Ok, thanks much, then i guess the question, and a really stupid one it 
is too, is how do you actually read things with Gnopernicus, such as 
documents and/or text messages in Gaim and so forth, and how do you 
navigate to an object in order to click it? I know there are the usual 
arrow key commands that moves the cursor, but in those situations when 
the ordinary cursor can't move places, how's it accomplished then?

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