Re: Gnopernicus/brltty question

I'm going through brltty.  I could try the gnopernicus drivers but I haven't
seen proper instructions on how to set it up.  Manuals are still a bit ify
on that part or I may not be looking in the right places.  I also chose
brltty because it is already running for my console sessions and my system
is setup so that I only start x-windows when I want it since I do most of my
stuff at the console/text level.

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> Hi Tom,
> > I don't know if this is a gnopernicus or brltty/brlapi problem so I
> > know who too report it to.  I frequently use an Alva Abt320 and I have
> > noticed that gnopernicus does not always allow me to move the display
> > too see anything other than the 20 characters my display will read.  I
> > attempting too move using the standard Alva keys.  Is anyone else
> > experienceing this and does anyone have any ideas?
> Are you using the ALVA driver from Gnopernicus, or are you going through
> BrlTTY?  If the former, what commands are the Braille front panel keys
> to for your ALVA display?  Perhaps there is a bug in the ALVA driver (if
> are mapped correctly)...
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