Re: Gnopernicus/brltty question


You can use layer 9. Read more about in README file, layers section.

Or you can map the braille navigation functions (char left, char right, 
display left, display right) to one of the braille command key. You can do 
that from Preferences/Braille/Braille Key Mapping/Braille keys.


On Thursday 15 January 2004 00:58, Tom Masterson wrote:
> I don't know if this is a gnopernicus or brltty/brlapi problem so I don't
> know who too report it to.  I frequently use an Alva Abt320 and I have
> noticed that gnopernicus does not always allow me to move the display over
> too see anything other than the 20 characters my display will read.  I am
> attempting too move using the standard Alva keys.  Is anyone else
> experienceing this and does anyone have any ideas?
> Tom

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