Re: SMTP in Balsa

Hi, Darragh.
I can tell you what I know so far about setting up balsa's smtp, and this may or may not work for you. My suggestion is to try it and see.
First, thing you need to do is from the main balsa window do alt-s to get the settings pulldown, and then arrow to preferences, and press enter. This will put you on your mail servers page in the balsa preferences.
Now, tab until you get to a text field called smtp server. You'll need to use extensive use of your layer 0 6 and 4 key to get the field titles as they don't announce themselves to gnopernicus right off.
In the smtp server text box enter your smtp server name followed by a : and the smtp port number which is usually port 25. Here is an example from my earthlink smtp server setup.
When reading this line make sure you have punctuation set to all in your screen reader as you want to see how this is written.
If your smtp requires authentication the next text box requires your user name. The one after that will ask for your password. Enter your password if your smtp server requires a password.
Finally, you can tab to apply and press space bar on that to save your settings. Now, tab to close press spacebar and hopefully you should be getting some kind of progress.
A very good resource for frequently asked questions, and a balsa email list go to:
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From: Darragh
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 11:31 AM
Subject: SMTP in Balsa

As forceen by a very reliable member on this list, I'm having problems with SMTP in Balsa, Has any one got this to work?
What are the steps in doing so?
The server that I'm using requires validation which uses the same information as the POP3 server, how can I enable this?

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