Re: Mozilla?

Based on my personal experience I've not gotten any graphical web browser
working with gnopernicus. I don't know that there are any besides mozilla
which have produced even mildly accessible results.

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> At 12:45 PM 6/01/2004, Jacob Schmude wrote:
> >Hi
> >I've posted this to gnome-accessibility several times and gotten no
> >response whatsoever. Has anyone gotten mozilla to work? I've tried on 5
> >distros now (fedora,
> >debian, slackware, rh9, and gentoo) with no success. Here's the problem.
> >It speaks the menus and title bar fine. However, as soon as I start to
> >or arrow
> >through a web page, one of two things will happen. First, it'll either
> >bomb out with no error messages, not even on the x status console, or it
> >will simply say
> >nothing. In the cases where it's saying nothing, I know I'm moving
> >links, since I can hit enter and it will take me to a different part of
> >the sight, but that
> >isn't the best way to surf. It never stays stable for long anyway, it'll
> >either bomb out eventually or lock my computer up so bad that even a
> >ctrl+alt+del won't
> >reboot. I've tried this on other computers too with the same result, Yes,
> >mozilla is compiled with gtk2 and yes, it has accessibility support in
> >I even built it from
> >source to see if that would help, that didn't change the situation. What
> >am I missing here? Do I need to recompile some gnome libs? Maybe I need
> >CVS gnome
> >2.6?
> I would be very interested in this as well, as I am in the same boat. No
> luck what so ever.
> Alternatively, are other browsers that work with GNOME/GTK2 such as
> Epiphany accessible yet?
> I wait with bated breath, as this is the only thing that holds me back
> using GNOME more than I can now.
> Luke
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