Re: Mozilla?

At 12:45 PM 6/01/2004, Jacob Schmude wrote:
I've posted this to gnome-accessibility several times and gotten no response whatsoever. Has anyone gotten mozilla to work? I've tried on 5 distros now (fedora, debian, slackware, rh9, and gentoo) with no success. Here's the problem. It speaks the menus and title bar fine. However, as soon as I start to tab or arrow through a web page, one of two things will happen. First, it'll either bomb out with no error messages, not even on the x status console, or it will simply say nothing. In the cases where it's saying nothing, I know I'm moving through links, since I can hit enter and it will take me to a different part of the sight, but that isn't the best way to surf. It never stays stable for long anyway, it'll either bomb out eventually or lock my computer up so bad that even a ctrl+alt+del won't reboot. I've tried this on other computers too with the same result, Yes, mozilla is compiled with gtk2 and yes, it has accessibility support in it. I even built it from source to see if that would help, that didn't change the situation. What am I missing here? Do I need to recompile some gnome libs? Maybe I need CVS gnome

I would be very interested in this as well, as I am in the same boat. No luck what so ever.

Alternatively, are other browsers that work with GNOME/GTK2 such as Epiphany accessible yet?

I wait with bated breath, as this is the only thing that holds me back from using GNOME more than I can now.


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