Re: Gnopernicus crashing


Version 0.7.1 is a very old gnopernicus version. Please try to use the latest 
one (0.7.4) or try the version from CVS.


On Monday 09 February 2004 17:32, Scott Berry wrote:
> Another big issue where I am sure there have been many bugs reported is
> when Gnopernicus crashes for no expected reason.  This is something that
> really needs to be taken care of in a timely manner.  I hardly use
> Gnopernicus because of this.  I can't really tell why the system is
> crashing.  For iinstance, I was using the calc program in Gnome and was
> tabbing around to the different numbers and signs I needed to use and then
> all of a sudden Gnopernicus just froze in it's tracks.  this is version
> 0.7.1.  I have tried to compile 0.7.3 from cvs but I cannot find all the
> correct libraries that Gnopernicus is needing.
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