Re: Gnopernicus 0.7.1 feedback

Enrico Zini <zinie cs unibo it> writes:

>  - The magnifier is stuck: it always displays the same, unchanging image
>    of the top-left corner, and a moving mouse cursor if I move it in
>    that area of the screen

Did you install gnome-mag, too? [1]

>  - All of gnopernicus is spoken as I navigate it.  However, I can't get
>    other Gtk applications to speak (I tried abiword, galeon and gedit)

gedit *should* work, however, note that galeon uses GTK1, which
is not accessibility enabled.

>  - There are a lot of customization dialogs in gnopernicus, but to set
>    up any specific need you need to tweak all options in many screens.
>    It would be nice to regroup the configuration options depending on
>    needs, instead: allow selection of a basic profile based on
>    personal impairments and then allow to tweak on top of that.

>    For example, a blind user won't need the magnifier, nor probably the
>    on-screen keyboard.  A motion-impaired user would need dasher and
>    synthesis, maybe, but probably no magnifier

I think we are confusing two things here.  I am having the impression
you are refering to the configuration dialogs of Gnopernicus,
however, note that Gnopernicus is not directly connected with dasher/gok.

Or are you talking about some GNOME accessibility preferences dialog?

As I understand it, Gnopernicus is the tool to use for all blind/vi
people.  For people with other special needs, there are other tools.
Unifying all accessibility features into a single product seems like
a problematic endevour anyway.

>  - If I exit gnopernicus, the magnifier and the festival processes
>    aren't killed and keep running

The festival process is launched from gnome-speech, which is yet another
component of GNOME accessibility.  I might be wrong, but I think gnome-speech
leaves festival open to avoid startup times...

[1] Since I am 100% blind, I'd be happy for any kind of
assistance/comaintainance someone could provide me for the Debian Gnopernicus
package magnifier features..

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