Re: Any example of AtkDocument implementation?

Ashutosh wrote:


Is there any example for an implementation of
AtkDocument for any application?

No, there is no example at this time. What were you planning to use this API for? AtkDocument is intended primarily for XML-DOM-like interfaces, but has not been
implemented for a number of technical reasons including the absence of good
normative C bindings for XML DOM which are usable out-of-process.

If you are interested in 'text documents' then there are conventions for use of
AtkText, i.e.

* each paragraph is a separate AtkObject implementing AtkText;
* AtkRelations FLOWS_FROM and FLOWS_TO are used to establish
  text flow;
* text attributes are returned by atk_text API in two ways: standard 'get_attributes' API returns the explicitly-applied attributes (e.g. attributes that differ from 'Default') and the get_default_attributes API can be used to get the default attributes over a range. The get_default_attributes API should return things like font size, colors, styles, etc. whereas the get_attributes API should only return those attributes if they have
 been explicitly set to differ from the default values.





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