Re: gconftoo-2: brlxml open error

Since eventually we will have people very new to linux and maybe without
Windows experience also running gnopernicus, maybe a program  could be
implemented for setup even before one runs gnopernicus.
The idea I have in mind is generated by the file John boyer sent me; he
had put all the gconftool-2 commands that we use into a file called
setkeys. All i had to do was check the values in an editor and change what
I needed to change (he had speech turned off and I wanted both speech and
braille so I turned it on). What if one could run an interactive program
before starting gnopernicus that asked you to choose your preferences and
either made such a file or automatically set up gconftool-2?

the person then wouldn't have to know any of the syntax but would just be
choosing just as would be possible if it could be done through the gui
without sighted help.


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