Re: brlxml open error

[quoted lines by Mario Lang on 2003/09/29 at 14:43 +0200]

>I've once seen this in connection with a missing
>Translation-table file.  Unfortunately, as you have discovered
>already, the error does not say which file was failing.

Yes, that's what it turned out to be. I wanted English, so I'd set the key to
"en". I learned later that I had to set the key to "en_US". This is one of the
problems one gets into when one can't use the GUI to have the value set
correctly because accessibility to the GUI is what's being configured.

Perhaps the verification for valid values of the keys could be made
sufficiently generic so that gconftool-2 could also access and make use of it.
If that were done, then, also, perhaps the type could be set automatically so
that the user doesn't need to know it. These enhancements would make
gconftool-2 a lot more bullet-proof.

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