Can anyone else reproduce this?

I recently updated X and gnome to debian/testing, and gnopernicus from
cvs. I'm not sure when these problems appeared, but I'm wondering if
anyone else can reproduce them?

There seems to be something odd in the way gnopernicus announces
layers. If I press 0, it seems to repeat the last phrase. Performing a
layer switch does the exact same thing. Yet it *does* switch layers,
because if I press 08, I'll hear "frame frame" (assuming "frame" was
the last thing spoken) but if I press 0 and wait I'll hear "Frame
. . . back to layer 8."

Also, going into flat review mode has locked up my system solidly
twice. I can't enter *any* keyboard commands, can't switch VCs. All I
can do is completely kill my system. I don't know how to even begin
debugging this. .xsession-errors looks innocuous, and I'm not sure
what to do about a locked system wrt debugging it.

I also have two usability questions. First, would it be possible to
provide feedback on the state of numlock? Would be especially useful
for gnopernicus, as I wasn't entirely sure whether my problems were
due to numlock not being off.

Also, I've been trying to use gaim. One major bit of functionality
which I notice missing is that labels of controls aren't spoken. If I
tab around gaim's display, for instance, I'm told that I'm in a "combo
box," if I remember correctly, but not what information I need to
enter. Similarly, I tab over buttons and am told that they are
enabled, but not what they're called. Does gtk2 let you label controls
with text? Even if not, it might be useful to announce the programatic
name or, if a button uses a graphic, the name of that file. Knowing
that a button's graphic is in a file called login.png or cancel.png is
somewhat helpful in determining what that button does.


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