Re: Why Can't I use BRLTTY With Gnopernicus

I have had some similar problems to John's, and my brlapi key is properly
I definitely couldn't get brltty to work with the gnopernicus within the
current garnome distribution; I am able to use speech and in the start-up
mode menu it said braille was unavailable although checked. All of my keys
were set properly. I also got a lot of errors about orbs and refs leaking;
sorry I don't have it in front of me right now. the only thing I could
find about refs leaking in the archives suggested an old ORBit, and that's
not the case with garnome.
when I switched to the cvs version of gnopernicus I was able to get brltty
to work, though the braille keyboard is largely unresponsive and I still
get errors about leaked refs. I didn't have to compile gnopernicus with
any special options.


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