Re: Is there ways to make a atk factory only used for some instances


We do not seem to be understanding each other correctly.

Can you point me at the code where the obejcts you are concerned about are defined?


Bolian Yin wrote:

padraig o'briain wrote:

Can you define a new object class for a gnome-canvas-item which has additional functionality? I think that this is the approach you will have to take.

But in this way, the atk object creates for any gnome-canvas-item will use the new class, but I only want to use it in a specail place.


The ATK interface requires you to use the same factory for all object of the same type.


Bolian Yin wrote:

Hi Padraig,

I met the problem in gnome-canvas-item. Gail has impl for gnome-canvas-item, but programmers can add many functions to a gnome-canvas-item.

For example, a gnome-canvas-item support an action in some context, and want to add a action interface to the atkobject creates for it. In this case, I cannot register a new factory to create the atk object, or all the gnome-canvas-items will create their atk objects using the new factory. Is there ways to make a atk factory only used for some instances of gnome-canvas-item, and in other case the default (gail) factory will be used?


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