Re: Performance of Gnome and Gnopernicus

Hi John:

For now perhaps the best thing to do is note the specific places and
situations where you see performance problems and log them as bugs with
the Gnopernicus team.  It's unlikely that what you are seeing is a
"GNOME bug" per se.  Please note your hardware configuration when
logging the bug.  The delay you are reporting is longer than what I
usually see even with braille displays connected.  

I don't know where a suggested hardware configuration for GNOME may be
posted, I am not sure there is one.  However I would strongly recommend
adding more RAM if you have less than 128MB, and it's unlikely that
you'll see good performance on a machine slower than about 266 MHz


On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 03:52, John J. Boyer wrote:
> Hello,
> What steps can be taken to improve the performance of Gnome and 
> Gnopernicus? When I press an arrow key it often takes two seconds for the 
> next menu choice to appear on my braille display. When I activate 
> something, the response time may be so long that I think that nothing is 
> happening and press another key. Startup time could also be reduced.
> Thanks,
> John
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