setting rate wasRe: java access with gnopernicus?

Chris. You can easily adjust the speech without sited assistance.
Press the numlock key to get gnopernicus into it's keypad mode pres 0
quickly followed by 8 to set gnopernicus to it's layer 8 keypad.
Now press the 4 on the numpad to slow the speech rate down until it is

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> Hello,
> I finally discovered how to disable the unwanted synthesizers.  You just
> need to rename or remove the unwanted synth driver.  For example, if you
> want to use freetts and not festival, remove or rename:
> $prefix/bin/festival-synthesis-driver
> I did this and finally, after a week of head scratching, have freetts
> talking.  Now I need to adjust the rate parameters using a method
> in a note sent to this list three or four days ago to Adi.  Unfortunately,
> this may require sighted assistance since speech is now to fast to be
> intelligible.
> Chris
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