Re: 2.4 Proposed Modules - gok

Calum Benson wrote:

On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 09:27, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:

Maybe I misunderstand, but I can't believe it would be OK for every GNOME
module to have a non-standard UI as long as they each had a "be normal"

It wouldn't be "OK", but some other core apps do already have a "use the
theme I already chose please" preference (gnome-terminal and gedit
spring to mind)... it's rightly turned on by default, though, so you
don't tend to notice it unless you need it.

Personally I'd feel warmer and fuzzier if it was turned on by default in
GOK too, but I'm prepared to accept that the benefits to the target
audience outweigh the non-GNOMEness in this case if Bill and Peter say
so :)

I pleased to hear this level of understanding. BTW I can think of at least one case where it still seems to be accepted that color/hue/brightness... be used to convey information, and that is showing what window is active. The title bar and border change color. Now there are other ways to tell what window is active (window list, occlusion etc.). but the changing of the colors, I think we would all agree, increase "useability" dramatically. Usability and accessibility are not so distinct in my mind.

In the case of gok, I am not 100% confident that not conforming to the chosen theme should be default, but I am definitely inclined to think that the affordance if provides gok's target group is real.

Thanks for bringing this up. I agree with Bill that more tweaking could be done. Perhaps the tweaking is not just in gok. Perhaps gok and other accessibility tools could influence how we design theming in GNOME? E.g. add primary, secondary, tertiary etc. colour preferences... which GOK could then use... not to suggest this would be an in-your-face setting. GOK could then also provide a way to set these colors and update gconf accordingly... just thinking aloud after a large coffee...



(However, things like the Preferences window could definitely use a lot
more HIG-loving... having a look at that has been on my todo list for a
wee while now.)


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