Installing Gnopernicus with Garnome


I have justy built Garnome. It is in a separate user from anything else. 
The user home directory contains .gconf, .gconfd, etc. Garnome itself is 
in a directory called garnome. I then downloaded Gnoopernicus from Gnome 
CVS andplaced it in the garnome directory. When I go to the gnopernicus 
directory and type ./ I get the following error messages:

You need to install the gnome-common module and make
sure the script is in your $PATH.

Wouldn't garnome include gnome-common? Where is the 
script? I can't find it on my machine. What do I need to do to get 
gnopernicus to install with Braille support for  an Alva 320 braille 
display in ttyS1?


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