Re: need help to install Mozilla

The mozilla installer is gtk1-based, not gtk2. As such, it will not be accessible unless they port it. I was able to install the latest mozilla from redhat's rawhide RPMs on their ftp site, but I'm not sure how if you're not running RH9. I know dropline-gnome for slackware has a mozilla package, but whether it's the latest I don't know.

At 10:29 6/30/2003 +0200, you wrote:

Hi everybody,

I try to install the latest build of Mozilla but I don't know exactly
how to do to perform this correctly.
I tried to run the install script on a text console but it seems it
requires to be on X because it complains to be unable to open
display. So, I launched gnome and then open gnome-terminal. after that I
did a su root and ran the script again. But another problem appears : It
seems that the script asked me questions but with gnopernicus it is
impossible for me to read the content of the screen in
gnome-terminal. when I want to read it, I switch to layer 0 and then
press the "." key in order to switch to flat review. And then I can only
read the title and the menu bar. After that it tells me always Empty
line ...

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