Re: Documentation about ATK and AT-SPI

By the way, before anybody panics :-) let me repeat that I think the
list of libraries included by atk-bridge (from libtool) was way
excessive.  Libtool is not that smart, and neither are our
dependency checks.  Also we might want to split, for instance,
into parts so that it can be shared by atk-bridge without pulling in
unnecessary dependencies.  From the GNOME perspective this hasn't been
an important issue but as soon as there is interest in using atk-bridge
more widely outside of GNOME applications, we can trim the runtime
dependencies way down.  A more meaningful list (as opposed to what
libtool reports) would probably be the list of headers used in
atk-bridge, since that will tell us the actual interface dependencies.

I am looking at the dependency issue and hope to have a revised list of
minimum atk-bridge runtime libraries in a day or so.  


- Bill

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