Re: html editors?

Please excuse my ignorance,but what is the advantage of writing HTML in
Gedit over a console text editor such as pico?  It seems like it's not
worthit to have Xwindows running just to use a text editor.

On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, Thomas D. Ward wrote:

> I might also add to my previous post. You don't require a full blown html editor to write web pages. You can write html in gedit if you don't mind hand coding the tags.
> In fact, I write php scripts, perl-cgi scripts, and my html in gedit so I think html editors are really not a big deal if you don't mind doing it all by hand.
> Hth.
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>   hello I do not know html so I want to use a html editor for my website I can do this in windows ok but I want to know if there is any linux html editors out there?
>   thanks
>   hank

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