Feature or bug?

Hey guys,

Eureka, I have Gnopernicus speaking. It even seems to speak while
tabbing through links in Mozilla (Debian unstable, all packages from
Debian unstable tree). Sometimes things are a bit sluggish, but I
expect that at least some of that is due to me not being familiar with
the interface. Maybe one of these years I'll actually buy the DECTalk
thingy. Anyway; here's the question:

I'm using a Speakup-enabled kernel with a CVS version of
Speakup. There don't seem to be any conflicts here--both Gnopernicus
and Speakup seem to coexist fine. However, here's the deal. 

I'm running X from the startx script. Formerly I had gnome-session in
my .xinitrc, but it seems I don't need that, so now I have no .xinitrc
at all. Gnopernicus comes up, I can navigate the desktop and
stuff. But if I switch away from the console I ran startx from and
switch back, I no longer have access to gnopernicus. Gnopernicus stops
speaking, and I get a screenful of X status messages instead of
whatever I was doing...granted, generally not much. So...is this
normal behavior, or did I not do something I should have done?
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