GOK (Gnome on-screen keyboard)

Hi to everyone.

First off all, i'd like to excuse myself by the poor
english (it's not my native language).

I was reading the brazilian newsweek Revista do Linux
(Linux Newsweek) and notice about your project.
My boss, developed a keyboard-mouse emulator, as his
pos-graduate project.
The name is ETM (Emulador de Teclado e Mouse) (Mouse
and Keyboard Emulator), and it's free. Maybe it can
contain util source for your project.
You can take a look in 
www.korp.com.br/etm - The site is in portuguese, 
but soon we are going to write it for other languages
as he finish the internationalization module on the

It was developed for windows, with Bordland Buider 5,
but i'm sure he would give to anyone the sources to
anyone who would want to translate it for linux, ou
any other open source project.

he can be contactet on:
alexandre korp com br

I hope have helped

Douglas Melchioretto
douglasmelchioretto yahoo com br
"Evite acidentes, faça tudo de propósito."

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