Re: Well I thought that I'd achieved some success with j2sdk

Hi, Gena.
It appears to be a problem with a path or JAVA_HOME variable. Your make run
is saying javac is in in a bin directory under the java bin directory which
is not correct.
Examain your JAVA_HOME variable in your /etc/profile, and if there is a bin
on the end remove it.

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Subject: Well I thought that I'd achieved some success with j2sdk

> Hi
> Well I thought that I'd installed the j2sdk-1.4.2 by making a .deb
> package from the rpm.  However, I still cannot run the FreeTTS
> demos.
> I was told about and because that it might be
> something to do with the gcc build.  So I downloaded the latest from
> built for gcc-3.2.  This installed itself and appears to
> be ok but I still can't build anything that requires java.  Here's what
> I get with make run:
> magnolia:/usr/src/FreeTTS/demo/JSAPI/HelloWorld# make run
> /usr/local/j2sdk-1[1].4.2-nb-3.5-bin-linux.bin/bin/javac -classpath
> -source 1.4  -d ../../../demo/classes
> /bin/sh: line 1:
> /usr/local/j2sdk-1[1].4.2-nb-3.5-bin-linux.bin/bin/javac: No such file
> or directory
> make: *** [../../../demo/classes/HelloWorld.class] Error 127
> magnolia:/usr/src/FreeTTS/demo/JSAPI/HelloWorld#
> Any ideas on what I need to do to get a java environment correctly
> installed?  I've downloaded several copies, thinking that the files
> become corrupted but I'm confident that this is not the case.  So any
> alternative ideas will be greatly appreciated.
> Gena
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