A joint seminar with the usability community and the blind community


As usability professionals have become involved with the 508 issues in the
US, they are beginning to realize how much about the blind community they
are unaware of.  Similarly, there is much about the usability community
that blind world is unaware of.  A few people in each of these communities
are considering a day long joint seminar in the bay area where each of these
communities can learn about the other.  Some of the questions that have come
up are:

    1.  What can the usability community learn from the blind community?

    2.  What can the blind community learn from the usability community?

    3.  What else should be included in the seminar to the benefit of
        both communities?

Any suggestions for answers?

Thanks very much,

PS  If you might be interested in this type of seminar, could you please
send me a note directly?

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