Re: Gnome problems trying to run Red Carpet

Hi Richard,

On Fri, 2002-09-06 at 23:14, Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:
> I managed to get Gnopernicus to run on my RedHat Linux distribution.
> However, now when running Red Carpet Updater Red Carpet crashes with the
> following errors (only some but there are are other similar ones):

	Ok - these are caused by having GTK_MODULES set, and them pointing at
Gtk+2.0 modules; I imagine, and then running a Gtk1.2 program.

	I imagine red-carpet should be doing a paranoid "unset ('GTKMODULES')"
before it initializes Gtk+ 

> This makes it difficult to run updates. Any thoughts on how to correct?

	Yes; unset GTK_MODULES; or 'export GTK_MODULES=' before running things.

	Notably; if you set the gconf key for accessibility you don't need to
export the environment variable for Gnome to be accessible; and you'll
have fewer component related problems too.

	HTH, of course - when RC is ported to Gtk+2.0, [ the new RCD code will
make the front-end much thinner I'm told anyway ], it'll not only work
fine but make package management accessible, until then you need to
unset the GTK_MODULES I believe.



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